REPORT: Rams Discuss Peyton Manning As An Option At QB In 2016


ST LOUIS, MO – Peyton Manning has yet to declare any official plan of retirement following Super Bowl 50 on February 7th, but he’s hinted multiple times. Those hints include alleged conversations with close friends and a leaked conversation between Manning and Bill Belichick after the AFC Championship game, where Peyton made remarks noting this ”may be his last rodeo.”

Earlier this season Manning made remarks that he actually wants to play next season, to which most likely won’t be with the Broncos.

Wednesday morning,. Reports leaked of the Rams discussing signing Peyton Manning to be their quarterback for next season. The team, which is heading to Los Angeles, would seemingly like to have a notable name in place at QB, rather than the existing Nick Foles and Kase Keenum, and Rams’ head coach Jeff Fischer is a known fan of the quarterback.


Peyton is the coming off the worst season of his career and statistically, the second worst quarterback to ever make a Super Bowl, which ironically enough, falls second to Vince Ferragamo of the LA Rams, dating all the way back to the 1970’s.

Hypothetically, Peyton joining the Rams would mean playing the defenses of Arizona, San Fransisco, and Seattle twice a year, which sounds like a terrible way to play your perhaps final season.

Manning is under contract to the Broncos for one more season although his $21.5 million cap number and $19 million salary would be obstacles to his return. The Rams might be another option in the event Manning decides on another rodeo.