Cam Newton Abruptly Gets Up, Walks Out Of Postgame Press Conference

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Win or lose, the quarterback from both Super Bowl team’s is swarmed by the media post game. For one QB, Peyton in this case, it was walking onto the field and eventually to the trophy presentation podium. For Cam Newton on the other end, it was a tough walk back to the locker rooms where he was subjected to questions which he clearly wasn’t in the mood to answer.

Newton lasted just 3 minutes in front of reporters before he couldn’t take it anymore, simply getting up and walking out.


Of course with Cam, there’s going to be criticism with how he reacts to losing, which was taken note of…


Here is a full transcript of Newton’s post game interview, or lack there of, per ESPN.

[Inaudible question]
 "We'll be back."
Ron [Rivera] said Denver two years ago had a tough time and they bounced back. Do you take that to heart?
Can you put a finger on why Carolina didn't play the way it normally plays?
 "Got outplayed."
Is there a reason why?
 "Got outplayed, bro."
Was it pretty much what you had seen on film from Denver? Anything different they put in for this game?
 "Nothing different."
Do we sometimes forget that defenses can still take apart the offenses in this game?
[Inaudible question about Rivera's post-game comments]
 "He told us a lot of things."
Anything in particular that was memorable?
Obviously you're disappointed. On the biggest stage it's difficult, I know.
 [nods head]
Did you see anything that you didn't expect tonight?
 "They just played better than us. I don't know what you want me to say. They made more plays than us, and that's what it comes down to. We had our opportunities. It wasn't nothing special that they did. We dropped balls, we turned the ball over, gave up sacks, threw errant passes. That's it. They scored more points than us."
Can you put into words the disappointment you feel right now?
 "We lost."
Did Denver change anything defensively to take away your running lanes?
I know you're disappointed not just for yourself, but for your teammates. It's got to be real tough.
 [shakes head] "I'm done man."