Cam Newton Spotted Casually Smoking Weed?

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With all the hate Carolina Panthers Super Bowl quarterback Cam Newton gets, the guy has a spotless track-record legality-wise since being in the NFL, a title many players can’t quite claim.

Friday night, Newton was spotted smoking what looks to be marijuana in a downtown Nashville nightclub.┬áThere’s no official confirmation if what he was smoking was intact weed but let’s not act like we’re idiots here.

The bigger question may be why it looks like Willy Wonka dress him before he went out for the night…


#camnewton smoking that #LITdowntownLA

A video posted by Terez Owens (@terezowens) on

#camnewton smoking that #LITdowntownLA A video posted by Terez Owens (@terezowens) on

If Newton gets criticized for dancing after touchdowns, we can only image the fallout with this from his critics.

(Terez Owens)