Man Videotapes Moments After Will Smith Gets Shot, Wife Screams After Being Shot

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Will Smith was tragically gunned down after a seemingly routine traffic incident Saturday night in New Orleans. The death of Smith who has a career-long Saint and 8-year team captain as well as a Super Bowl Champion left the NFL in shock.

With the days passing, more and more details are being investigated ad released about what caused a fender bender to turn into a homicide.

One of those, a video captured by a bystander, who recorded moment after Smith was shot, narrating to another bystander how he witnessed it all. You can even hear the sad screams of Smith’s wife who was also riddled with bullets, being hit twice in the leg.


“This guy(Will Smith) was like….’I have a gun’”

“..and then he(Cardale Hayes) goes, ‘I have one too’…and then he grabs his gun and shoots him in the back, he’s dead”