Top Draft Prospect Laremy Tunseil Posts Bong Video 10 min Before Draft


We’ve seen NFL hopefully do some stupid things ahead of the NFL draft, but this may take the cake.

Highly-touted Ole Miss product Laremy Tunsil is expected to go somewhere high in the first-round.

What just happened may have been so close to the start of the draft that he may stay there, and have to answer to some questions after the fact.


13 minutes ahead of the draft, the offensive tackle presumably accidentally posted (and shortly after deleted) a tweet that contained a video on him smoking a bong out of a gas mask contraption.

Now there is no official confirmation that the man in the video is in fact Tunsil, but it does certainly look very similar to him…

According to ESPN, all the teams knew about it minutes after it was posted. Tunsil did have off-the-field issues while in college, having been suspended for 7 games.