Chad Ochocinco Says He Has 3-Inch Penis, But “Personality Makes Up For It”


If you follow the infamous Chad Ochocinco on Instagram, you know he’s found of 3 things. His cigars, orca whales, and eating McDonalds. The 38-year-old now retired and living down in South Florida is still in amazing shape, despite being an advocate for eating the fast-food chain on the regular.

The former WR in his typical no-filter fashion took to social media to proclaim how his abs look despite the daily dose of McDonald’s, adding in that his pecs are a “c-cup” and bigger than his girl’s, and topping that off with noting that his penis is only 3 inches, but his personality makes up for it. 

2 months of McDonald’s before each workout

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We can only confirm the latter end of that statement.