Chick Partying With Johnny Manziel In Cabo Snapchats Pic Showing Massive Amount Of Cocaine

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What’s the most logical thing to do after your dad tells the media that he fears for you life? Take a trip to Cabo San Lucas right?

That’s the current situation of the train wreck that’s Johnny Manziel. The former NFL QB who’s noted he’s going to try and attempt a comeback boarded a flight yesterday with Josh Gordon and friends headed for a Mexican vacay.


But what’s a Johnny Manziel party without a whole bunch of drugs…

After passengers on that flight reported Manziel reeked of weed, TMZ obtained this photo of a screen-shotted snapchat of a women partying with Manziel. The photo shows a rather massive amount cocaine sitting aside a bottle of sunscreen.


When TMZ spoke to Manziel, he denied that the drugs were his.

The QB posted a video of the view from his Cabo mansion where the partying is going down.

Manziel also posted this pic to his Instagram account, with the hashtag ‘HiDad’.