Rams Accidentally Troll St. Louis Fans By Sending Email Blast To Buy LA Rams Merchandise

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As if picking up and leaving your city high and dry along with your hundreds of thousands of fans wasn’t bad enough, the Rams apparently aren’t concerned of reminding their fans about it.

The team sent out an email blast offering brand new merchandise to former season ticket holders in St. Louis. Instead of sending the email to their new California fan base, they mistakenly sent it to their heartbroken fans in St. Louis.


One St Louis Rams fan by the name of Todd Thrasher really encapsulated the spurned ex feeling the best in his response to this email:

“When I got this email, I thought at first someone was playing a sick joke on me. When I realized it was from the Rams, I was shocked. I was the last one to keep his tickets all the way to the very end,” he said. “I practice law in a building owned by Stan, which makes me sick to my stomach. Sending an email wanting me to buy more gear right around the time I’d normally be getting my season tickets in the mail,” Thrasher said. “No surprise considering the way they’ve treated the fans and this city. I’m one of those long-time season ticket-holders who was lied to right to my face by (Kevin) Demoff. It was easy for me to just hit ‘unsubscribe.’ I just hope the Rams’ organization didn’t hide some malware in that ‘unsubscribe’ link!”