Ravens Stop Their Preseason Game So Fans Can Watch Phelps’ Race On Jumbotron

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How much of a big deal is Michael Phelps? The United States will halt their favorite sport they’ve been waiting 7 long months for to watch some guy swim back and fourth in a pool down in Brazil on the M&T Bank Stadium jumbotron.

Michael Phelps swam for and claimed his 22nd career olympic gold medal and his 4th straight of these Rio Games Thursday night, and everyone at the Baltimore Ravens vs Carolina Panthers game got to watch.

The Ravens had their game paused so that fans and players could watch the most decorated Olympian of all time in his historic race. With the win, Phelps broke the  2,168-year record held by Leonidas of Rhodes’ for most individual Summer Olympic victories. Panthers and Ravens players stop on the field to watch Phelps win his 22nd.


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Phelps, is a Maryland native and a noted Ravens fan exchanged text messages with his friend back in Baltimore before his race to inform Phelps of the score.

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