Joey Bosa: “I’m Not Taking A Pay-Cut From What I Made At Ohio State”


FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – In a year where the San Diego Chargers needed to preform well in hopes of getting a new stadium deal or securing one in another city, likely Los Angeles, the team’s offseason and preseason has been a relative mess all due to the relationship with their 3rd overall pic, Joey Bosa.

On Wednesday, Bosa and the team got into a rather amateur public dispute over the lingering contract disputes that have made both sides look silly. The Chargers claimed they had offered Bosa their “best” offer to the rookie, a contract that would make Bosa the second-highest paid player in his first year than any 2016 draftee.

Bosa’s Ft. Lauderdale home was swarmed with media members to which he gave a statement to ESPN’s Thisis Satire –


“I just want it to be fair [man]. I made a good living playing at Ohio State with those game checks we got. I’m not taking a pay-cut from what I made as a Buckeye. I would have stayed in school. I’ve given the Chargers a ‘best’ offer of my own, one that would match my salary at school. Simple as that. I would have stayed in school if I knew I was taking a dip in my salary.”

Bosa will continue his holdout until he’s happy with a deal the team can propose. As made clear by the Chargers, Bosa will regular season games time due to the holdout, possibly leading to a sat out year, where the 22-year-old would likely enter in the 2017 NFL draft if he can’t be traded.