Tony Romo Set To Start In New Television Series During Missed Time

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The worst nightmares of Cowboys fans came to fruition Saturday, when Tony Romo’s MRI revealed a broken L1 vertebrae in his back.

The hit occurred in Thursday night’s preseason game vs the Seahawks, where Romo was taken down from behind by Cliff Avril on a awkward looking tackle.

The injury will cause the QB to miss 6-10 weeks if not more, and will surely be limited upon return.


According to ESPN’s Thisis Satire, to keep busy in the time off, Romo will reportedly be starting in a new television show.

The riveting American crime drama, titled ‘Breaking Back‘ will reportedly have a plot of a quarterback who just can’t seem to stay healthy. Diagnosed with a broken back and clavicles, the QB is given only 2 years left to play by doctors.¬†He turns to selling meth, working hard to keep the secret from his family and team. The protagonist struggles with keeping his double lives separate when the drug business¬†evolves into a industrial-style operation led by a kingpin-like figure, eventually spiring out of control.

The show is set to run 6-19 weeks and will premiere September 11th at 9:00 PM ET on AMC.