REPORT: Like Kaepernick, Tony Romo Doesn’t Stand For National Anthem Either

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ARLINGTON, TX – Colin Kaepernick ignited a firestorm that transcended just football and football fans a week ago when he chose to protest the National Anthem and the American flag by sitting during before the 49ers’ Preseason Week 3 game vs the Packers.

Kaepernick noted he would not stand for a

Other players around the NFL weighed in on the matter, some taking offense to his actions, and some siding with the 49ers quarterback. Tony Romo appears to not be one of the latter.


Romo is currently recovering from breaking his L1 vertebrae is his back during the teams preseason game vs Seattle, where he sits in a full body cast, for precautionary reasons.

“We can’t have this guy wake up and try to turn the alarm clock off without worrying he’s going to shatter his collarbone. We can to a decision as trained medical personal that it would be better if Romo wore a full body cast for at least 2 weeks.

Come Thursday, Romo watched his Cowboys Week 4 preseason game vs the Texans being played just 20 minutes away from his hospital bed and on his 10″x10” television in room 4-12 at Texas Health Presbyterian.

According to nurses in the room pregame, apparently following in Colin Kaepernick’s footsteps, Tony Romo did not stand for the National Anthem either. Nurses at Hospital told reporters during an interview that Mr. Romo chose to remain seated, laying down to be exact, when the anthem came on and showed “little to no respect” to it’s playing.


“He just sat there. Motionless, no facial expression, didn’t move,” said nurse Diana Mckay. “Like show some respect to our country and our veterans.”

Only time will tell if the backlash will be just as strong with Romo as it was when Kaepernick first sat and ignored the anthem in protest.