Police To Provide Extra Security To Rapist Brock Turner, Yet Vow Not To Protect Kaepernick

There two biggest stories out of California in 2016 so far have been that of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner and 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Turner was released from jail Friday, just 3 months after being found guilty of raping an unconscious Stanford student behind a dumpster. The sentencing by the California judge that included a 6 month sentence with community service, as being in jail would affect his bright future, sparked an outrage that swept the country.

Colin Kaepernick followed in the social media firestorm category by choosing to protest the National Anthem and American flag prior to the 49ers preseason games. Turner’s conviction was under the umbrella of what the QB was protesting, that of which was oppression via white privilege, and police brutality in this country.

Kaepernick alluded to police brutality with a pair of socks he wore during a Niners practice, which featured pigs wearing police hats.


The Santa Clara Police Department, outraged at his actions during the anthem, his comments, and the choice of socks has now come out threatening to not work 49ers home games, asking for an apology.

“It was learned by the members of the SCPOA that the 49er organization has been allowing Mr. Kaepernick to wear exposed socks with the image of a pig wearing a police hat during practices at the training camp in Santa Clara,” the police union said in a letter to the 49ers. “Photos of Mr. Kaepernick wearing these socks with the derogatory image have been broadcast nationally.”

Kaepernick released a statement via his Instagram trying to defuse the criticism:

On the flip side, police are also making sure nothing compromised the safety of Brock Turner, now a target in many’s eyes now that he’s out of jail for what he’s done.

Turner’s parents are scared for their son’s safety … so much so they’ve asked cops to help them deal with protesters and others who might do him harm. Law enforcement sources in Ohio, where Turner has moved back to after dropping out of Stanford say they’re doing as much as tracking social media to monitor any threatening activity, all from way from Sugarcreek Township residents to angry outsiders. Law enforcement is vague about actual threats, but one source did say, “Everybody is always concerned about death threats.”

On September 12th, the 49ers are set to face off versus the Rams on Monday Night Football, as it should be interesting in the off-dury officers decide to show up.