Turns Out Ezekiel Elliott’s Ex-Girlfriend Lied About Domestic Abuse, No Charges Filed

Icon Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott will not face any charges following domestic violence allegations involving his ex-girlfriend, the Columbus, Ohio, City Attorney’s office said Tuesday.

The #4 overall pick in this year’s NFL draft was accused in July of assaulting Tiffany Thompson while they sat in a parked car and she has had pain in her wrist but declined medical treatment which was allegedly just one incident in a string of five instances of domestic violence between July 17-22.

Along with Thompson declining any medical treatment, four witnesses told authorities that they did not see any form of assault by Elliott on his girlfriend.

According to authorities, details surrounding the incident were inconsistent and there wasn’t enough evidence to bring a case against the Cowboys rookie. The woman claimed Elliott assaulted her on five separate occasions from


“This is primarily due to conflicting and inconsistent information across all incidents resulting in concern regarding the sufficiency of the evidence to support the filing of criminal charges,” authorities said in a statement. Elliott, who has maintained his innocence, told authorities at the time that he never touched Thompson in “a harmful manner.” He said Thompson suffered the bruises in a bar fight. Thompson alleged that Elliott had struck her “several times” which left “bruises on her arms” during a five-day period. She posted photos of her alleged injuries on Instagram. Due to “conflicting statements” between Elliott, Thompson and the witnesses, Columbus police referred Thompson to the prosecutor’s office in July.

While Elliott’s story of the abuse stood solid, Thompson’s seemed to be falling apart with every bit of new evidence coming out. The two most important of those being a recording of the 911 call to police where the alleged victim seems unreasonably calm relative to the situation she alleged:

Elliott also saved text messages alluding that Thompson would try to “set him up” barring a fight or breakup.


Sorry Tiffany, money grab denied.