New ESPN Analyst Charles Woodson Predicts Browns WR Terrelle Pryor Will Have 1,800 Receiving Yards

Charles Woodson retired from the NFL after a Hall of Fame 17-year career.

He immediately was signed by ESPN to be apart of the rejuvenated NFL Sunday Countdown team.

During his first appearance on Countdown, Woodson dropped the hottest of hot takes you’d probably ever see or hear.


The 39-year old predicted that former Ohio State QB and current Browns WR Terrelle Pryor will have 1,800 yards, yes, Terrelle Pryor, the guy who played quarterback at Ohio State and has transitioned to wide receiver will have 1,800 yards.

Now, if Woodson had made this prediction for some of the top WRs like Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham Jr., we could understand it although it would still be bold.

But Terrelle Pryor doing something only four other receivers have done in NFL history is insane.

I don’t know if ESPN drug tests their employees but they should consider it and Charles Woodson would be a great person to start with after that prediction.