Arrest Warrant Issued To Suspended Browns WR Josh Gordon

josh-gordon-says-teammates-have-become-standoffishOn a scale of 1 to Johnny Manziel, how dumb is Josh Gordon.

As reported by Wednesday morning, a Cleveland judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon for failing to respond to several months worth of subpoenas in a paternity case.

The Browns WR is currently in the midway point of his suspension for failing a drug test, something he has some experience doing. If you can even say it, luckily for Browns fans, this won’t warrant an extension to his already four-game ban.

You’d think a man trying to revive his career would be on his best behavior, but apparently not so – and his track record doesn’t make this a surprise, as he’s violated the league’s substance abuse policy while suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.


Per the report, this case originated from a complaint made in juvenile court from Christina Lockhart of Maple Heights, who says Gordon is the father of her 1-year-old daughter.

Saying that nobody other than Gordon could have been the father, Lockhart filed the complaint July 2, 2015. Seeking child support from the WR who makes $1,335,412 per year, has refused to pay the support to his baby momma, who is on welfare. Gordon also failed to comply with the court ordered DNA sample back in 2015.

After Gordon failed to show up to the hearing on Aug. 31, prosecutors asked the judge to issue an arrest warrant, to which he did so.

Here is a statement from Gordon’s lawyers:


Perhaps Josh Gordon can spend the extra two weeks he has free to hop on the Maury Show…