Panthers’ Mike Tolbert Gets Overcharged By Mechanic, Pays His $4,000 Bill In All Coins


If this isn’t the ultimate bleep you, I don’t know what is.

Longtime Carolina Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert says upon trying to pay a bill Tuesday after having work done to his car at Motion Lab Tuning, a Charlotte-area mechanics shop, the owner refused Tolbert’s check, saying his business only accepts cash.

Pissed off, Tolbert drove to the bank to fetch the money, but rather than bills, specifically asked for the $3,947 he owed in all coins.


Tolbert says he firmly believes he was intentionally overcharged in upwards of $1,000 because he’s an NFL player. He also noted his car still isn’t running correctly and he’ll be taking it to another shop to have it repaired there.

Tolbert took to social media following the incident to slander the shop, calling the owner a crook and overcharged his because “I’m a millionaire.”

The shop did fire back though, posting this blurb that claims the fullback was the real problem, demanding free work because of his NFL status.

According to TMZ, the shop says the dispute got so intense, Mike and a friend threatened him, forcing him to call police and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD banned Tolbert from the property.