Marcell Dareus’ Instagram Got Hacked And The Hacker Was Ruthless With The Caption

There’s no clarification if Bills nose tackle Marcel Darius was actually hacked or just really high with this Instagram post, but it’s gold either way.

The hacker stuck Dareus’ Instagram account early Wednesday morning, wiring a caption calling out the Bills, his coach, Darius’ troubles, the NFL, the Bill’s owner and fans.


It reads –

Fuck the Buffalo Bills. I love weed. I smoke it during the off season. Fuck Rex Ryan your the worst coach the bills have ever had. Buffalo Bills fuck #billsmafia I got paid and didn’t really play. Fuck the NFL for accusing me and taking my money. Fuck the fans and your kids. Kim fuck you dumb cunt. Buffalo Bills I resign. I don’t wanna play no more. Thanks for the 60 mil #Forbes still. I’m with GQ.