Dolphins Fans May Be Getting A Little Too Excited Over Winning 6 Straight Games

The Dolphins started off this season as one of the worst teams in football, but it may have been deceiving. Miami opened up their first four games with three Super Bowl contenders from last season, the Seahawks, Patriots and Bengals, all on the road.

Since the rough start, the Dolphins have managed to string off six straight wins, tied for the second longest such streak in the NFL.

With the Ravens up next, it seems like folks down in South Florida may be getting a tad too excited about moving into the second Wild Card spot in the AFC. WSVN 7 News featured this sarcastic graphic on Thursday night’s sports segment:



A gallon of gas has moved to a whopping $2.29, the president is still Obama, a dozen eggs and a postage stamp costs the exact same, and well, coach Adam Gase is still 38 years old. Well played.