Ravens Fans Accuse Tom Brady & Patriots Of Cheating During MNF Win Over Baltimore

At this point, it may be time to accept the Patriots are just that much better than any other team collectively in the past decade.

Just when we thought we had deflate-gate behind us, we have the Giants accusing the Steelers of using deflated footballs, and one week later, Ravens fans accusing the Patriots of cheating.

During the opening minutes of the third quarter during the Pats MNF win over Baltimore, Tom Brady made a motion that seemingly magically reset the play clock, allowing the Patriots more time before snapping the ball; and this isn’t the first time that’s happened.


In actuality, Brady is signaling to the play clock operator that the clock did not reset after the ball was placed by the referees, with the upwards pumping hand motion allots the Patriots the full 25 seconds in between plays.