Cam Newton Takes Another Headshot From A Defender, Somehow Is The One Penalized

Cam Newton has been abused by defenders all season, and yet somehow NFL officials are reluctant to blow their whistle for roughing penalties that would be called for almost any other in the NFL. Tonight was another one of those instances.

During the Panthers MNF game against the Redskins, Newton took a helmet-to-helmet shot from Washington’s Trent Murphy while he was sliding. The ref tosses his flag in the air, but there was no penalty on Murphy – but rather Newton.

Officials hit the QB with a taunting call for gently tossing the ball in disgust at Murphy immediately after the play.

Now, the issue is not with Newton or the tackle, but the hypocrisy of the no-call. In no circumstances can referees throw a flag for a late hit out of bounds on Kirk Cousins later in the same game (who noted, was still in bounds) yet condone the hit to Newton after preaching player safety all season.