Sneaky Patriots: Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan Has Playbook Stolen During Super Bowl Media Night


There have been no fire alarms pulled yet but the latest elaborate scheme from the Patriots seems to be already in the works.

Super Bowl LI media night was held on Monday down in Houston, the opening night of Super Bowl week with the big game just 7 days away.

As players and coaches spent time on the floor being interviewed, Atlanta Falcons’ Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shannahan had the team’s playbook temporarily taken.

Fortunately, the bag was returned to him at the conclusion of the media session following a frantic search.

According to ESPN writer Dan Graziano, Jarrett Bell of USA Today discovered that San Francisco Examiner writer Art Spander had “accidentally” picked up Shanahan’s bag, which contained his playbook as well as Super Bowl tickets.

Ironically, Shananhan will likely become the head coach for the San Francisco 49ers shortly after the season. 

Shanahan went on the record situation was resolved, saying “I’m stressed out right now. Somebody took my bag, and it had everything in it.”

(Bleacher Report)