Judge Sentences Darrelle Revis To Finish Career With Cleveland Browns


PITTSBURGH, PA – Darrelle Revis turned himself in to police Friday night after the New York Jets cornerback was hit with multiple felony chargers, including robbery, terroristic threats, conspiracy and aggravated assault.

Revis was released on bond just two days ago following an incident that left two men unconscious, but the sentencing has already been handed down.

Revis’ court date was held Sunday, to which the judge, aided by video evidence of what appears to be Revis bragging about knocking two men passed out on the street, made a surprisingly quick ruling that has some wondering if the verdict falls under cruel & unusual punishment.

Judge Harold Boweman of the Allegheny County Courthouse did not issue jail time to the 31-year-old, but instead has sentenced Revis to finishing out his career as a member of the Cleveland Browns.

According to those inside the courtroom when the verdict was read, gasps from Revis’ family reined heavy, as the cornerback’s head dropped into his hands as his whispers of “please be prison, please be prison” came to a halt.

“First this guy robbed the Jets with this latest contract, and now he’s robbing people on the streets,” Boweman stated. “He’s a danger to society.”

“My son does not deserve this harsh of a sentence, Diana Gilbert, Revis’ mother, told reporters. “I wouldn’t wish this on Aaron Hernandez. We with appeal and fight this travesty at the hands of Boweman.”

The judge estimates Revis has 2 more years of letting mediocre receivers blow past the washed up corner as a Brown, equivalent to about 6 years of jail time.