Stephen Piscotty Gets Drilled By Ball 3 Separate Times During Trip Around Bases


St. Louis Cardinals’ Stephen Piscotty‘s trip around the bases Monday night was arguably the hardest-earned run in the history of the game.

Piscotty initially reached base by getting drilled in the elbow by Jake Arrieta. Then, while stealing second, he was struck by the throw down to second, getting hit in the equally as painful opposite elbow. As if getting hit twice by a baseball speeding at ear 100 MPH wasn’t enough, he was hit AGAIN sliding into home plate, taking a Javier Baez throw off the noggin. He was forced to leave the game with a head contusion.

Here’s a look at every painful moment Piscotty endured during his trip around the bases:

The video made for a hilarious edit with alternate play-by-play: