Fan Gets Glove On Aaron Judge’s 61st HR Ball, Can’t Hang On As It Drops Into Bullpen

Ever have $2 million in your hand and then drop it? This guy has.

Record home run baseballs are the most coveted of traditional sports memorabilia, and since there will only be one, they can fetch millions at auction if sold.

Aaron Judge stepped up to plate Wednesday night looking down the barrel at No. 61, which would tie him with Roger Marris as the AL’s all-time single season HR king, and tends of thousands of fans set in the outfield stands hoping it would fly their way.

With that may people jousting for a small round ball blazing at them, all has to go right for you to end up with it, and it all went right for one Blue Jays fan sitting in the front row in left field when Judge’s record homer flew his way. The fan got a glove on it, but couldn’t hold as the ball fell into Toronto’s outfield bullpen, gone forever.