Eli Manning Caught In Scheme To Sell Fake Game-Worn Giants Memorabilia

New England Patriots v New York Giants

Eli Manning and the New York Giants were sued back in 2014 by three memorabilia collectors over allegations of selling fraudulent memorabilia considered to be “game worn” by the players and team.

Newly revealed documents prove that the Giants QB sent an AOL email to the team’s equipment manager Joe Skiba that read –

“2 helmets that can pass as game used. That is it. Eli.”


The email was reportedly sent soon after a request from marketing agent Alan Zucker for two game-used helmets and jerseys. It was deleted sometime after.

That’s right, even Eli’s emails get intercepted.

Another email exchange featured Skiba admitting to the plaintiff that Eli created the fake memorabilia because he “didnt want to give up the real stuff.”

The Giants allegedly scammed their own former players, giving Michael Strahan a bogus jersey he thought was used during Super Bowl XLII.

One fake game-used helmet from Manning is also supposedly in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

(New York Post, h/t Bleacher Report)