49ers Troll Bears On Twitter After Robbery Of A Trade For 2nd Overall Pick

The San Francisco 49ers are reportedly wanted by Chicago Police in correlation with a crime that is now being called the biggest robbery in the city’s history.

John Lynch and the 49ers somehow convinced the Bears to give them four picks just to simply slide down one spot, letting the Bears in front of them. With that pick, Chicago drafted a QB who had only started 13 games in college.

It may be worthy of noting the 49ers had no plans of taking him with the 2nd overall pick anyways.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the Niners were set on taking Stanford defensive end Soloman Thomas with the second pick, meaning the Bears were tricked into trading up for absolutely no reason whatsoever.


The best part of the deal was the tweet that followed via the 49ers Twitter account once they picked Thomas. The image they used to announce their pick featured the DE moments before sacking none other than Mitch Trubisky.

Someone get the 49ers social media manager a raise.