New Study Says Cowboys Have NFL’s Best Fans, Ranks Every Fanbase From Best To Worst

Beyond the debate of who has the best NFL team, one of who has the best fanbase is always persistent.

Finally, science may have closed the case.

Emory University professor Michael Lewis conducted a study to rank NFL’s 32 fan bases with consideration to factors of ‘fan equity,’ ‘social media equity,’ and ‘road equity’.

Fan Equity focused on home box office revenues and Social Media Equity focuses on fan willingness to engage as part of a team’s community. Road Equity focuses on how teams draw on the road after adjusting for team performance. These metrics provide a balance – a measure of willingness to spend, a measure unconstrained by stadium size and a measure of national appeal.

Using this statistical model of fan interest, Lewis come up with a list from the best to worst NFL fan bases for 2017.

Here is the list from #1 (Cowboys) to #32 (Chiefs).