REPORT: NFL Owners Pushing Roger Goodell To Suspend Ezekiel Elliott For Domestic Violence Incident

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has found himself in numerous incidents this offseason that frankly, don’t look good.

After an offseason that included getting into car crashes, getting speeding tickets and pulling down a woman’s top in public, Elliott added more to the resume by allegedly punching a guy at a bar, although police dropped the investigation after the victim did not cooperate with police. This all comes while the league is still investigating a domestic violence accusation against the running back.

Though Elliott was cleared of those charges as well as any stemming from the bar incident, that’s not saying those incidents will go unpunished.


According to NBC Sports’ Dan Patrick, NFL owners are reportedly pushing commissioner Roger Goodell to punish Elliott for his (alleged) actions.

Patrick cited the Terrelle Pryor autograph and tattoo scandal, where Pryor was suspended by Goodell for an incident that happened while in college. Owners feel as if Ezekiel needs to be punished for his role in the alleged domestic abuse, regardless if it happened while he was at Ohio State University.