Jay Cutler Says He’s Out Of Shape, Wants To Find Out Where The “Dinner Room” Is At Dolphins Facility

New Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler arrived in Ft. Lauderdale Monday and spoke to the media at his introductory press conference at the team’s practice facility in Davie.

One of the topics discussed included whether or not Cutler was in playing shape after retiring earlier in the offseason, and well, his answers were straight out of Jamarcus Russell’s book.

Cutler said Dolphins coach Adam Gase called him after Tannehill’s injury and asked him if he was in good enough shape to play this season, to which Cutler responded with a yes.

“I told him I was good to go. It was very short, very brief,” Cutler said.

Cutler noted that he’s just getting a feel for the Dolphins’ facility and wants to “figure out where the dinner room is.”

Though Cutler won’t play in the Dolphins’ preseason opener Thursday night, he’s confident that within a month, he’ll be acclimated enough to lead the Dolphins on in place of Tannehill.