BREAKING: Aaron Hernandez Found To Have Extreme Case Of CTE During Brain Examination After Suicide

Aaron Hernandez took his own life while in prison earlier this year.

On Thursday, the former Patriots tight end’s former fiancé, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, filed a lawsuit against the team as well as the NFL, alleging Hernandez was suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, better known as CTE.

Hernandez’s brain underwent a post-mortem examination which undercover the disease which has become rampant among former NFL players, and though there’s no way to know if the CTE played a part in Hernandez’s actions, it could have been a factor.


The study allegedly revealed that Hernandez had stage 3 CTE, a progression of CTE typically seen in players with a median age of death of 67 years. Hernandez was only 27 at the time of his suicide.

Jenkins-Hernandez is claiming that both the league and his team properly informed Hernandez as to his health status.He was only in the NFL for three years and split snaps with tight end Rob Gronkowski.

(Bleacher Report)

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