The Denver Broncos Were Caught Cheating Sunday & Nobody Batted An Eye

Did the Broncos cheat Sunday and have nobody bat an eye?

Denver took on the Chargers Sunday in Carson, laying yet another egg in a 21-0 shutout courtesy of Los Angeles.

Though the Broncos terrible play made the news, one moment from the game isn’t being talked about, the team’s use of walkie-talkies on the sideline.

Last season, the New York Giants were fined $200k by the NFL for head coach Ben McAdoo’s illegal use of a walkie talkie on the sideline.

There is in fact an allotment of a use of a walkie talkie on a team’s sideline during a game, but not for certain situations. With Eli Manning’s in-helmet headset down, McAdoo used a one to communicate with his QB, something that is banned.

“League policy prohibits a coach from using such devices in a game,” an NFL spokesman told addressing te matter, “because he would not be cut off from talking by the switch operator for the coach-to-player helmet communication system. Communication is cut off when the play clock reaches 15 seconds or when the ball is snapped.”

What the NFL does allow a walkie talkie to be used for is as a receiver device, only for listening and not for speaking. Mike McCoy, the Broncos offensive coordinator, is of corse not a backup QB.

There’s no video of Broncos offensive coordinator speaking into the walkie talkie, but it sure seems like that’s what’s happening in the image of McCoy holding it to his mouth, with his headset still over his ears.


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