Tickets For Redskins vs Giants Thanksgiving Game Going For $7

The usually intriguing Redskins-Giants biannual matchup isn’t quite what the NFL had hoped for this season with New York only managing 2 wins through 11 weeks and the Redskins taking a major blow to their playoff hopes Sunday with a crushing loss to the Saints.

Ticket prices are reflecting it.

The teams face off on Thanksgiving at 8:30 PM in Primetime, and you could be at that game for the same price as a side of green beens.


Online ticket exchange site StubHub has seats listed for a mere 7 bucks as of Monday night.

If you’re a high roller and can afford to shell out the big bucks, you could even seat in the lower bowl for a whopping $9 to $15.

That’s right, parking for four hours during the game will cost you more than the ticket inside to stadium to actually watch the game.

(FOX 5 D.C. News)

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