Seahawks’ Jarran Reed Claims Jaguars Fans Used A Racial Slur Towards Quinton Jefferson

Last Sunday in Jacksonville, the NFL nearly had another nightmarish public relations matter on their hands after Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Quinton Jefferson had multiple drinks thrown in his direction that nearly had Jefferson climbing into the stands and fighting Jaguars fans.

While most have blamed Jefferson for simply walking away and avoiding the obnoxious fans, one of his teammates shed some light on the terrible language from Jags fans throw in the direction of his Jefferson.

Seahawks defensive tackle Jarran Reed took to Twitter and dropped a piece of information about some of the comments being directed at his teammate that made him go over the edge:


The Jaguars announced that they’ve identified the fans that were involved in the altercation with the Seahawks defensive lineman and are taking proper measures to make sure those individuals aren’t allowed at another Jags home game again:



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