Colin Cowherd Says Bill Belichick Was Ready To “Start Garoppolo Over Brady” But Robert Kraft Stopped Him

Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots have reigned supreme on the NFL ever since the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady era began in Foxboro, Mass.

But all empires eventually fall and the Patriots empire could be falling soon, according to FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd.

During a segment on The Herd, Colin discussed how this may be the last season the have both Patriots coordinators Josh McDaniels (OC) and Matt Patricia (DC) as they are both expected to become head coaches in the NFL.

Cowherd’s point behind all this went back to the trade of backup quarterback Jimmy Garrappolo, who was traded to San Francisco earlier this season and how Belichick agreed to trade Jimmy G only after Patriots owner Robert Kraft stepped in and stopped the Patriots head man from making the ultimate decision and moving on from the team’s longtime quarterback Tom Brady.


The discussion starts at 3:10

According to Cowherd, Belichick knew all along that Jimmy G was the real deal and wanted to move on from 41-year old Tom Brady to start Jimmy G but was ultimately stopped by Robert Kraft.

That decision is what’s leading to Belichick trading Garrapollo and Jacoby Brissett and is why Belichick is pushing his coordinators to take head coaching jobs.

Cowherd also mentions that because Kraft sided with his quarterback, the end of Bill Belichick in New England could be coming sooner rather than later..

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