REPORT: NFL Considering Rule Penalizing Teams 15 Yards For Kneeling During National Anthem

Whether the steep decline in ratings over recent years is due in large part to the anthem protests which have hung over the league for the better part of two seasons, players kneeling has left a black eye of controversy on the National Football League.

In attempt to remedy the issue and somehow attempt to appease both it’s players and fans simultaneously, the NFL is considering amending the current rulebook, a rulebook that has no specification on whether a team is required to stand for the National Anthem.

According to Senior NFL Reporter Albert Breer of The Monday Morning Quarterback, the league is considering implementing a policy that would allow the game’s home team to determine whether teams come out onto the field for the playing of the anthem. If the home does team does so, all players for both teams must stand or face a 15-yard penalty, presumptively to be assessed on the kickoff.