Blake Griffin Ordered To Pay $258,000 Per Month In Child Support

Blake Girffin may have just unseeded Antonio Cromartie as the child support king of sports.

According to Radar Online, the Detroit Pistons forward has been ordered to pay a whopping $258,000 per month in child support after losing a paternity case in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Griffin broke up with his then fiancee Brynn Cameron about a year ago, with the couple already having two children, ages 5 and 2.


Radar says that according to court documents, Cameron claims Griffin kicked her and their children out of his house last year after calling off the engagement.

Griffin countered in the case saying that he is paying for the five-bedroom home in Manhattan Beach, CA where Cameron and the children are staying.

Based on the relativity to Griffin’s income of approximately $35 million a year, $258,000 was ordered by the court to be taken from Griffin’s salary, equalling over $3 million a year. Griffin must pay for extracurricular activities for the children.

(Detroit Free Press)