Onalska Texas School Superintendent On Deshaun Watson: “You Can’t Count On A Black QB”

A school superintendent in Onalska, Texas has gotten himself into a lot of trouble after he thought he was sending a private message when he wrote on a public Facebook post blasting Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, saying, “you can’t count on a black quarterback.”

Lynn Redden, who’s the superintendent of Onalska Independent School District, made the comment shortly after Watson had a brain fart during the end of the game last Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, a game the Texans went on to lose, 20-17.

“That may have been the most inept quarterback decision I’ve seen in the NFL,” Redden wrote on a Facebook post promoting a Houston Chronicle story about the game. “When you need precision decision making you can’t count on a black quarterback.”


In an interview with the Chron, Redden said he regrets posting the comment. He said he thought it was a private message and deleted it as soon as he realized it was public.

Redden said he based the comment on what he called the “limited success” of black quarterbacks in the NFL.

Watson was asked about the issue on Wednesday and this is what he had to say:

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson said he is “not worried” about the racist comments from an East Texas superintendent who wrote Sunday on Facebook that “you can’t count on a black quarterback.”

“That’s on him,” Watson said. “May peace be with him. I worry about me, so I’m not worried about what he has to say.”

The Houston Texans are looking to pick up their first win of the season on Sunday against the New York Giants.