This Stat Shows Exactly How Awful The New York Giants Offense Has Been Over The Last Few Years

Holy crap, this is bad.

In a league that has changed it’s rules to favor offenses and quarterbacks, the New York Giants have been a debacle offensively since Tom Coughlin stepped down as the head coach.

And nothing proves that more than this mesmerizing statistic:


The last time the Giants scored at least 30 points in a game was Week 17 of the 2015 NFL season.

What makes matters worse for the Giants is they’ve gone to heavy lengths to build an offense around Eli Manning, which include taking RB Saquon Barkley with the No. 2 overall pick and signing left tackle Nate Solder to a record setting contract.

But despite that, the Giants are still struggling to crack 30 points.

The Giants are 4-16 in their last 20 games and are averaging just 15 points per game during that span. They are an organization that has missed the playoffs in five of their last six seasons and are staring another lost season as the team sits at 1-3.