Cincinnati Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis Gets Promotion Day After Losing Game 51-14

Marvin Lewis must have some nude photos of the owner of Bengals owner Mike Brown because not only has Marvin Lewis not been fired, he just got a promotion. After losing a game. Losing a game 51-14.

Despite predictions by many that the Bengals would surprise the Saints with a Week 10 win Sunday, Cincinnati laid an egg against Drew Brees and New Orleans, losing by 37 points.

The next morning, the team fired defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.

Lewis has announced that he will take over as the defensive signal caller, meaning his role continues to get more powerful as the Bengals continue to get worse. Makes sense.

Lewis has been the head coach of the Bengals’ for the last 16 years, failing to win a single playoff win in that span while racking up contract extension after contract extension.

In an era where it seems to be win it all or tear it down, the Bengals have opted to be mediocre to good and never win a Super Bowl as opposed to be bad for a stretch and rebuild a team with a higher ceiling.