NFL Considering Moving Chiefs-Rams MNF Game From Mexico If They Can’t Fix Field

Under the umbrella of NFL’s International Series, the league has begun exporting a few games each season to other countries in attempt to broaden the exposure and turn the sport into a more international affair, perhaps even having a team based outside of the United States.

Though the games in London have become a regular occurrence, the NFL will play its third ever game in Mexico, and it’s dandy at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

The 9-1 Rams will face off against the 8-1 Chiefs and one of the most highly anticipated MNF games ever, statistically the best primetime matchup in league history Week 11 or later.


There’s only one problem, they may not have a field to play on.

The stadium’s field was destroyed during a recent concert and the NFL is reportedly so concerned the surface cannot be repaired or replaced in time that they may have to move the game to Los Angeles.

A final decision is apparently expected at some point on Tuesday.

“We are working closely with the field manager at Azteca Stadium and others to ensure that we have an NFL quality surface for our game,” the league told the Associated Press in a statement.

The Chiefs and the Rams set to kickoff on Nov. 19, and by the looks of the photos, it may be back stateside.