ESPN Promoting Greg Hardy UFC Fight After Spending Time Saying Domestic Violent Abusers Need Stiffer Penalties

As if we needed another example of money trumping ethics…

Monday night’s Eagles-Redskins game was held just days after Washington brought a alleged domestic abuser onto their roster, giving ESPN, who was covering the game, a platform to talk about the controversial move.

Predictably, the ESPN crew spent extensive time on the topic denouncing the Redskins’s decision to claim linebacker Reuben Foster off waivers despite being accused of domestic violence for the third time having been arrested three times since the star of the year. The network also called out the NFL their still soft stance player accused or found guilty of the crime.


Ironically, the same network is turning a blind eye to their own message, helping promote a UFC Fight – featuring none other then Greg Hardy, infamous for abusing his former girlfriend back in 2014.

The then Carolina Panthers defensive end was arrested and charged after his ex-girlfriend accused him of grabbing her, choking her, throwing her down and threatening to kill her.  After being released, he was later picked up by the Dallas Cowboys before again being cut.

Hardy is set to face off in his  first official UFC fight on the first fight card of ESPN’s new deal with the UFC. Even more ironic, in addition to Hardy, the card features Rachael Ostovich, a victim of domestic violence.

On the side of UFC, ESPN brings the credibility of the “world wide leader in sports” to them. ESPN’s rational for hopping in on the action with UFC is obvious with the monetary potential, which especially at a time like this, seems highly hypocritical.