Jared Allen & Marc Bulger Form Curling Team Of Ex-NFL Players, Will Attempt To Qualify For 2022 Olympics

After they hang it up and finish their careers on the gridiron, many NFL players go on to do other things in life. Not much of that is becoming curlers.

Former Vikings great Jared Allen, Rams QB Marc Bulger, Titans linebacker and offensive tackle Keith Bulluck and Michael Roos have gotten together and taken on the sport in hopes of qualifying for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.


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We’re about to go stones deep in the curling world! #stonesdeep #AllProCurlingTeam

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The group has named their team the All Pro Curlers, and their first major step towards the world’s biggest sporting stage will be competing at the U.S. National Curling Championships.

To get there, they’ll have to win, and that starts with this week where the all ex-NFL squad is competing at the USA Curling Men’s Challenge in Blaine, Minnesota.

You can watch video of the team in action on YouTube:

“Every team in the NFL — whether you’re hot garbage or the defending Super Bowl champions — every coach come August says the same thing: ‘We’re trying to win the Super Bowl,’” Allen said. “We come from that mentality, where we set lofty goals.

“Our short term goals are continually to get better: Fundamentals, strategy, sweeping. We know if we master these little things, it will take us a long way.”

“The entire (curling) community — every team we play — has been very, very welcoming,” Allen told CNN’s Patrick Snell on Thursday. “They realize we’re laughing, we’re joking … but we’re not doing this in a disrespectful manner.”

“We are progressing in a manner that people — the comment we get is, ‘How long have you been doing this? You’ve been doing this for how long?’ and then they’re shocked at where we’re at in such a short time that we’ve been doing it,” Allen added. “So we’ve got to build on that.”

As a nice touch, the foursome all wear the same numbers they worse back in their heyday while in helmet and pads.