REPORT: Patriots Blame Tom Brady’s Trainer For Some Of Rob Gronkowski’s Injuries

The New England Patriots are about to play in their third straight Super Bowl in a game that could end up being tight end Rob Gronkowski’s final game.

Gronkowski has been contemplating retirement for some time now and a lot of it is because of injuries sustained throughout his career. Gronk’s season has been up and down all season mainly because of injuries and the Patriots believe the struggles this season might be caused by his use of the TB12 Method, according to NFL Network’s Michael Giardi.

Giardi reports that the Patriots feel Gronkowski’s injuries to his ankle, Achilles and back are due to his preference to use the TB12 Method over the team’s workout program.

Giardi said:

“Internally the Patriots feel like Gronkowski brought some of this on himself, during the offseason when he reported, he came in not as strong, not as fast and not as explosive …The Patriots feel as though if maybe he had done it their way, as opposed to the TB12 way, of which Gronk is devoted to, maybe things would have been different.”

Gronkowski missed three games this season due to injury, finishing the year with only 52.5 yards per game, which is the fewest per game he has recorded since his rookie season.

Gronkowski also tallied 47 receptions, 682 yards and three touchdowns for the year.