Ex-Missouri’s DL Stands Outside Panthers Stadium With Sign Saying He’ll ‘Pass Rush for Hot Wings’

All he wants is an opportunity.

Former Missouri Tigers defensive lineman Jordan Harold is not giving up on his dream of playing on Sunday’s and is going to extreme lengths for an opportunity.

Harold was spotted Monday outside the Panthers stadium, holding a sign that read, “Will pass rush for hot wings.”

Harold’s sign continued, “I slipped through the cracks,” but the hot wings tactic has him going viral thanks to being spotted outside by Fox 46 reporter Will Kunkel.


This tactic has worked in the past for Harold. The St. Louis native transferred from Northwest Missouri State and earned a walk-on spot for the Tigers after he stood outside the Missouri training complex to ask former defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski for a shot, according to the Kansas City Star.

Harold not only got the spot, but he was later named a starter and put on scholarship.