John Elway Says His 0-4 Denver Broncos Are “On The Rise”

John Elway went from being the genius general manager who couldn’t make a wrong move if he tried to a man who has whiffed on seemingly everything.

Starting with drafting Brock Osweiler, to then Paxton Lynch, to signing Case Keenum and now Joe Flacco, Elway’s recent resume of draftees and signings, especially at the quarterback position have resulted in  two straight miserable failures of a season, and Denver seems to be on their way to a third.

But apparently Elway doesn’t think so. 

Despite starting the season 0-4, Elway has high hopes for the team he’s fielding, even stating that they’re “on the rise.”

Via The Denver Channel:

“Well I think we’re on the rise. I think when you look at it, defensively, we’ve got to play better. But, offensively, I think we’ve continued to make strides, and gotten better each week, which I am excited about,” Elway said when asked if the current team is better than the one that faced the Chargers last year on the road. “Defensively, anytime you lose a player like Bradley we are going to have to have some people step up and play better. And it puts more pressure on people on the defensive side, as well as offensively. We’ve got to do a better job and be more perfect — as far as when we are on the field — of trying to get points every time we are out there. Everything included, as far as the situation we are in, you know a lot of times it’s easier to identify problems. It’s tougher to fix them. We’ve got to figure out the tough part.”

That’s a nice attitude to have, but his comments are not going to fool the fan base. This is a bad team that is going nowhere fast.