Joe Flacco Rips Broncos Offense And Play Calling Following Loss To Colts

Joe Flacco is unhappy with the aggressiveness of the Broncos offense.

Following the Broncos 15-13 loss to the Colts in Indianapolis on Sunday, Flacco didn’t hold back when discussing the offense struggles.

I mean, come on. i just look at it like, we’re now a 2-6 football team and we’re like afraid to go for it in a two-minute drill. you know?

like who cares if you give the ball back to the guys with 1:40 left? they obviously got the field goal anway. once again, we’re a 2-6 football team and it just feels like we’re kind of afraid to lose the game.

Here’s the full clip:

The Broncos fell to 2-6 on the season following the loss as the offense continues to struggle. Earlier this week, the Broncos traded Emmanuel Sanders to the 49ers as they are entering a rebuilding phase.