The NFC East Is So Bad, Cowboys Odds Of Winning The Division Went Up After Two Straight Losses

Though they have the prestige and bragging rights of being technically the best division in football with 21 conference championship wins and 13 Super Bowl victories to their name, the NFC East flat out stinks in 2019.

It’s possible that an 11-5 NFC West team can be sitting at home watching the playoffs while a 7-9 NFC East team hosts a post season game.

With the Redskins and Giants both flaming dumpsters sitting at 3-9 and 2-10, respectively, neither are technically eliminated from winning the division. They’ll have to likely win out though with some help from the all-mighty Eagles and Cowboys sitting atop the NFC East, having lost five straight games combined.



But just how bad is that divison? Get this..

The odds of the Cowboys winning the NFC East actually went UP after dropping two straight games (

Yes, the Cowboys are in fact in a better position now than they were two weeks ago before losing to the Patriots and Bills. That has been made possible by the putrid Eagles, who have lost three straight at the hands of the Patriots, Seahawks and Dolphins (who keep in mind has a roster built to attempt to lose as many games as possible).

Dallas currently sits a full game back of Philadelphia and will look to get back in the win column Thursday night against the Bears while the Eagles take on the Giants on Monday night. 

(h/t Reddit user t33po)