NFL Finds 8 Minutes Of Recorded Bengals Play Calls, Hand Signals & Substitutions On Patriots Videotapes

The New England Patriots released a statement Monday night detailing exactly what happened when allegations of the team illegally filming the Cincinnati Bengals sideline during the Bengals-Browns game Sunday. 

In the statement, the team explained that a contracted video crew was there to shoot a feature for an online video series called ‘Do You Job’ and was only supposed to be, and only got permission to, shoot the box in which the scout was being filmed, not the field. 

The NFL obtained the footage from the production crew as part of an investigation and according to Paul Dehner Jr. of The Atheltic, there is reportedly about eight minutes’ worth of the camera focused directly on the Bengals sideline that captured Cincinnati play calls, hand signals and substitutions on the tape.

Yes, ironically the guys in charge of filming a series on ‘doing your job’ did exactly the opposite of that.

The Patriots take on the Bengals next Sunday.