Sandra Bullock And Matthew McConaughey To Star In “Black Lives Matter” The Movie

Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey have been cast to star in the upcoming 2021 “Black Lives Matter” movie, it was reported in Variety today. 

The film will cover the real life events of turmoil and chaos that have taken the entire planet by storm. Details are scarce, but the main plot revolves around two well liked and beautiful white people who confront their biases, grow, and ultimately fall in love while saving the world with the help of their friends. Michael Bay is set to direct.

Others cast in the film are Kathy Bates playing a pesky character named “Karen McKaren” and Chadwick Boseman as the conflicted yet crafty Police Captain “Jones Smithy Jackson” who, in a smart twist, is also a preacher and a looter with a heart of gold. And of course, Octavia Spencer as the maid.

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